Reading bridge over the river Thames.

GPR bridge investigation

On bridges GPR can be used to map reinforcement, locate post-tensioned tendons, determine general construction detail, thickness of construction and much more…

The entrance foyer of a London office. We undertook a GPR utility survey to detect and locate services in the floor slab.

Floor slab utility survey in a working office

How we used GPR for a floor slab utility survey in a working London office to locate services with minimal disruption to the office staff.

Corridor in a London school. GPR can help to locate and identify hidden building defects non-intrusively.

Construction and building defects in a London school

We used GPR to investigate construction detail and identify building defects, specifically if precast hollow core units had reinforcement within them and were filled with concrete.

GPR surveyor scanning the gas holder base to determine the thickness.

Gas holder base thickness measurement

GPR case study: How we used GPR survey methods to determine the gas holder base thickness non-intrusively, with access to one side only.

Train station platform survey at Paddington station using GPR scanning.

Paddington train station platform survey

GPR case study: How we used GPR survey methods for a station platform survey and concourse area investigation at Paddington Station.

St Helen's church in London, where we undertook a survey to locate voids in stone walls. Access for the GPR survey was from the scaffolding seen in the photo.

St Helen’s church – survey to locate voids in stone walls

GPR case study: How we used GPR to locate voids in stone walls up to 1m thick, comprising a stone inner and outer leaf, with a rubble fill.

Warehouse floor slab with detected tendon locations marked up in situ.

Warehouse tendon location survey with on-site mark-up

GPR case study: How we used GPR tendon location survey methods for floor slab tendon location with in situ mark-up in a working warehouse.

A GPR surveyor pushing a GPR survey cart for a survey to locate pad foundations. In the foreground a surveyor is holding a survey pole.

Pad foundation location survey

How we used GPR to locate and map pad foundations, including construction detail, on a site in Waterloo.

Floor slab in large empty warehouse

Floor slab survey for load capacity

How we used GPR to provide information for the back-analysis of a warehouse floor slab, including slab thickness, reinforcement and location of piles.

1 November 2022 · 1 min · Rom Gostomski