Scanning wall using Ground Penetrating Radar

Ensuring a successful GPR survey

Five things to ensure a successful GPR survey. An experienced GPR surveyor using the correct equipment and methods is key to a successful…

7 May 2023 · 5 min · Rom Gostomski
GPR concrete inspection to locate hazards.

Chimney Flue Location

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30 December 2019 · 3 min · Rom Gostomski
Engineer thinking what can Ground Penetrating Radar be used for.

What can Ground Penetrating Radar be used for?

Find out how GPR works? What’s it for? Can it help you? In this article, we make a business case for Ground Penetrating Radar in the construction industry.

8 April 2023 · 5 min · Rom Gostomski
Warehouse floor slab with detected tendon locations marked up in situ.

Warehouse tendon location survey with on-site mark-up

GPR case study: How we used GPR tendon location survey methods for floor slab tendon location with in situ mark-up in a working warehouse.

Abseil GPR survey of Wellington Monument

Wellington monument investigation

GPR case study: How we used GPR to investigate the construction detail and understand this unique and somewhat complex Grade II listed monument.

A GPR surveyor pushing a GPR survey cart for a survey to locate pad foundations. In the foreground a surveyor is holding a survey pole.

Pad foundation location survey

How we used GPR to locate and map pad foundations, including construction detail, on a site in Waterloo.

Concrete floor slab in car park

Concrete Floor Slab Surveys

Our GPR surveys provide a fast and efficient NDT means of surveying concrete floor slabs to determine construction detail and identify defects.

Conduits and services on a concrete floor slab. Once screeded over, our GPR survey can locate them.

Locate Services in Slabs

Non-intrusive surveys to locate services in floor slabs. We find the services for you so that you can drill and undertake intrusive works safely.

Stone facade of London building

Locating embedded metal in masonry

Our NDT GPR surveys can locate embedded metal in masonry, including structural frames, fixing cramps and pins. Ideal for listed and heritage buildings.

Tendon ducts being cast into concrete slab

Locating post-tensioned tendons in concrete

Our NDT GPR surveys can locate tendons, including their depth, in pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete. Essential prior to cutting, coring or drilling.