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Ground Penetrating Radar surveys

GPR survey being carried out using abseil access

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is suitable for a wide variety of survey types. Its main advantage is that it detects changes in the sub-surface, making it suitable for detecting not just metallic objects, but also most other materials including plastic, asphalt, voids and layer interfaces. Being non-destructive and non-invasive, it can be used in occupied premises with minimal disturbance to the occupants. It is particularly suited for listed and historic buildings, where more intrusive methods are not permitted.

Sandberg have developed Ground Penetrating Radar survey techniques for the Civil Engineering sector, in particular building inspection and investigation. This compliments the range of consultancy, quality management, testing and inspecting services on construction industry materials offered by Sandberg.

We specialise in the innovative use of GPR in the Civil Engineering and Building sectors. Find out more about our twelve most common GPR surveys:

Chimneys - London skyline

Chimney flue location surveys

A fast and efficient NDT method for the locating chimney flues within walls?

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Concrete floor slab in car park

Concrete floor slab surveys

Determine reinforcement detail, slab thickness and changes in construction?

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Conduits and services on concrete floor slab

Locating services and conduits

Location of service conduits within floor screeds and reinforced concrete slabs?

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Embedded metal in stone facade

Detecting embedded metal in masonry

Surveys to locate embedded beams, columns, metal dowels, pins and cramps?

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Tendon ducts within concrete slab

Locating Tendon Ducts

Accurate location of tendon ducts in post-tensioned or pre-stressed concrete?

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Underfloor heating pipes in floor screed layer

Locating underfloor heating pipes

Our site surveys can locate pipes used in the majority of underfloor heating systems?

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Ground Penetrating Radar survey results marked up on slab soffit

On-site mark-up surveys

Sometimes a simple site mark-up survey is all that is required. We do that too?

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Railway track and ballast

Railway ballast thickness and evaluation

NDT surveys to determine the condition and thickness of railway ballast?

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Concrete reinforcement cage

Rebar mapping and concrete imaging

High resolution rebar mapping, far superior to that offered my other techniques?

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Coastal retaining wall

Retaining wall surveys

GPR surveys offer NDT determination of construction detail and thickness...

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Collapse of road caused by void

Void location surveys

Void detection in most materials incl. concrete, stone walls and below concrete slabs?

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Thick brick walls

Wall and slab thickness measurement

GPR surveys to determine the thickness of screed, concrete slabs and walls?

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