Our GPR surveys provide a fast and efficient NDT means of locating services in floor slabs. This enables you to drill and undertake intrusive works safely, avoiding services and other obstructions. The method is non-intrusive and can be carried out in occupied premises.

Why locate services in floor slabs?

Usually, construction professionals working on reinforced concrete slabs (e.g. shop or office fit-out) need to locate and map services and conduits before drilling, coring or sawing in order to avoid dangerous hits and costly delays. Detection of services and conduits within screed and reinforced concrete slabs requires a different approach to external utility surveys. Other techniques, such as CAT scanner, Ferroscan or covermeter, have major limitations, including limited depth penetration, interference from reinforcing steel and detection of live services or metallic conduits only.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) works by detecting changes in the sub-surface and can detect metallic and non-metallic objects, including:

  • Electrical, gas and water services
  • Fibre-optic services
  • Plastic and metallic conduits
  • Plastic and metal pipes
  • Other obstructions

GPR produces a pseudo-cross-section image through the floor slab, enabling services, conduits, and other objects to be located. Our GPR Service and Conduit Location Surveys can detect services within screed layers, the concrete slab itself or even below the slab.

Slab survey

We use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to locate services and conduits in concrete slabs. The survey is nonintrusive and causes minimal disruption. It can be conducted in vacant or occupied buildings.

Our experienced GPR surveyors can assess your site conditions and use the most suitable antenna frequency to provide the best possible results. Multiple or dual-frequency antennas enable us to detect conduits at depths of a few centimetres to a metre or more.

GPR radargram showing how we can locate conduits and services in a floor slab.
Radargram showing detected services and conduits in a reinforced concrete floor slab

Find out more about GPR floor slab surveys and how GPR works.

Survey deliverables

Service and conduit location survey results are typically plotted in CAD. Where appropriate, annotated radargrams (cross-section view), depth slices (plan view), and sketches are also used. Reports are issued in PDF format; where applicable, original CAD drawings are also issued in AutoCAD .dwg format.

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Information sheet

Download our information sheet about GPR surveys to locate services and conduits in concrete slabs.

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