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Retaining wall surveys

GPR can be used for retaining wall investigation and thickness measurement

Our non-intrusive GPR surveys can determine the construction detail, the thickness and identify defects in retaining walls. Typically access is only required to one side.

Retaining walls are common along roads, motorways and railway lines, especially in hilly and mountainous regions. Usually retaining walls are of reinforced concrete or masonry (brick or stone) construction. They are usually taken for granted receiving little or no routine inspection or maintenance unless they show signs of distress such as bulging or cracking.

Site survey

Sandberg can undertake a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) non-intrusive survey of masonry and concrete retaining walls to determine:

  • Construction detail
  • Profile wall thickness
  • Identify voids and other defects
  • Locate features behind the retaining wall

GPR requires access to one side only. Scanning at regular intervals, both longitudinally and vertically, can produce section profiles through the wall construction. Vertical scans will identify any taper or steps in wall thickness with height of the wall. Longitudinal scans will identify lateral changes in thickness and can detect the presence of buttresses or counterforts along the back of the retaining wall.




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