The entrance foyer of a London office. We undertook a GPR utility survey to detect and locate services in the floor slab.

Floor slab utility survey in a working office

How we used GPR for a floor slab utility survey in a working London office to locate services with minimal disruption to the office staff.

Conduits and services on a concrete floor slab. Once screeded over, our GPR survey can locate them.

Locate Services in Slabs

Non-intrusive surveys to locate services in floor slabs. We find the services for you so that you can drill and undertake intrusive works safely.

Underfloor heating pipes being covered with screed.

Locating underfloor heating pipes

Our GPR surveys provide a fast and efficient NDT means of locating underfloor heating pipes. Works for metal and plastic. Locate before you cut or drill!

Technician coring concrete slab - always locate rebar before coring.

Why you must locate reinforcing steel in concrete before you drill

“Locate concrete reinforcing steel before you find it with your drill bit, core barrel or saw! Work safe and avoid dangerous and costly hits”.

1 March 2023 · 3 min · Rom Gostomski
GPR concrete inspection to locate hazards.

Concrete inspection – locating hazards and defects in concrete

GPR concrete inspection enables you to see into the sub-surface to determine construction detail, locate dangers, and identify defects in concrete.

24 May 2022 · 2 min · Rom Gostomski