Train station platform survey at Paddington station using GPR scanning.

Paddington train station platform survey

GPR case study: How we used GPR survey methods for a station platform survey and concourse area investigation at Paddington Station.

St Helen's church in London, where we undertook a survey to locate voids in stone walls. Access for the GPR survey was from the scaffolding seen in the photo.

St Helen’s church – survey to locate voids in stone walls

GPR case study: How we used GPR to locate voids in stone walls up to 1m thick, comprising a stone inner and outer leaf, with a rubble fill.

Abseil GPR survey of Wellington Monument

Wellington monument investigation

GPR case study: How we used GPR to investigate the construction detail and understand this unique and somewhat complex Grade II listed monument.

Concrete floor slab in car park

Concrete Floor Slab Surveys

Our GPR surveys provide a fast and efficient NDT means of surveying concrete floor slabs to determine construction detail and identify defects.

Void below asphalt road causing road failure

Void detection and location

Our GPR surveys can detect voids beneath slabs. By scanning on a regular orthogonal grid, the void location and extent can be determined and plotted.

Display on GPR control unit showing detected sinkhole

Sinkhole detection

GPR is an excellent non-intrusive survey technique for sinkhole detection and location. We typically use a dual-frequency GPR system…

6 December 2023 · 2 min · Rom Gostomski
CAD drawings - GPR can be used to verify construction detail is as per the drawings

Construction Detail Verification

Using GPR to verify construction detail and compliance with current legislation and standards. Suitable for floor slabs, concrete and masonry walls…

28 March 2023 · 4 min · Rom Gostomski
GPR surveyor looking at a thick stone wall before GPR survey to locate chimney flues

Chimney flue location in thick stone walls

How we detected chimney flues and other voids within a stone wall construction over 1 m thick.

15 April 2022 · 2 min · Rom Gostomski