St Helen's church in London, where we undertook a survey to locate voids in stone walls. Access for the GPR survey was from the scaffolding seen in the photo.

St Helen’s church – survey to locate voids in stone walls

GPR case study: How we used GPR to locate voids in stone walls up to 1m thick, comprising a stone inner and outer leaf, with a rubble fill.

Stone retaining wall by the sea.

Retaining wall surveys

Our non-intrusive GPR surveys can determine retaining wall construction detail, thickness and identify defects. Access is only required to one side.

Two brick walls with a gap in between.

Wall Thickness

Need to determine wall thickness or party wall detail but only have access to one side? We can help. Our GPR surveys can determine wall thickness, wall construction and more….

GPR surveyor looking at a thick stone wall before GPR survey to locate chimney flues

Chimney flue location in thick stone walls

How we detected chimney flues and other voids within a stone wall construction over 1 m thick.

15 April 2022 · 2 min · Rom Gostomski